Crash Testing

Manufacturing Verification

Many vehicle manufacturers (OEM’s) randomly select vehicles from production in order to execute crash tests to verify that the mass production process, parts supplied by vendors, and materials yield vehicles that meet both internal and industry requirements.

In order to get comparative data, vehicles are shipped great distances back to the company’s technical center, until now. Calspan’s new, state-of-the-art and highly secure vehicle crash test facility has the same exact equipment as OEM’s, eliminating this concern. Enabling manufacturing more latitude to audit vehicles more often, and to be provided with mission critical data in a much shorter period of time. This time is extremely critical when manufacturing is attempting to evaluate countermeasures and supplier changes.

Supported by Calspan’s ISO 17025 accreditation, Calspan’s highly experience and talented staff work in collaborate and flexible, sweating the details along the way to ensure quality test data. This methodical approach starts with understanding a customer’s needs and objectives, following industry best work instructions that establish ownership and accountability and secondary quality checks to make sure everything is just right.