Crash Testing

Manufacturing Process Verification

Both aftermarket part suppliers and vehicle OEMs randomly select and crash test both pre-production and regular production product. The purpose of these tests is verify that materials, components and the process itself yields a product that meets requirements.

Historically, these tests were performed overseas at the manufacturer’s technical center. That changed in 2018 when Calspan opened its new, state-of-the-art and highly secure vehicle crash test facility. A facility with the same exact equipment as OEM’s, which eliminates a variability.

Plus, being that this lab is in the U.S.A, it’s faster and more economic than shipping product overseas. This enables manufacturers more latitude to audit product more often, and to be provided with mission critical data in a much shorter period of time. This window of time is extremely critical when manufacturing is attempting to evaluate countermeasures and supplier changes.

For these tests, Calspan’s engineers follow a regimented ISO 17025 process that yields repeatable and consistent results. This methodical approach starts with understanding a customer’s needs, following industry best practices that establish ownership and accountability and they also include secondary quality checks to make sure everything is just right.