ASTM F3016 Crash Testing of Storefront Barriers


The scenario of a car or truck going through a storefront, damaging property and injuring occupants, happens too often. Therefore, across the country, city and county governments are considering legislation that would require storefronts to install protective barriers. Calspan is involved in this effort as a provider of ASTM F3016 certification.

Up until the recent establishment of ASTM 3016-14, there was no universally communicated means for evaluating a barrier’s effectiveness in stopping a vehicle. This new, innovative test establishes a range of impact speeds for a 5,000-pound surrogate test vehicle or pickup truck and the device’s effectiveness via a penetration rating system.


At Calspan, we understand the stress manufacturers are under when their product is being tested, which is why we take the extra time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and work in a collaborative manner to get tests executed properly and on time. In addition to providing ASTM F3016 certification, Calspan is also accredited to ISO 17025 to perform ASTM F2656-15 testing by Perry Johnson Laboratories Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA) under Certificate Number L13-137 and Accreditation Number 76654. We have been executing this test since the protocol’s 2007 inception.

Calspan has the ability to achieve impact speed through the use of our 550 HP diesel drive-controlled via a close-looped, velocity feedback servo-control system. At the conclusion of testing, we provide custom test reports and certification letters, which are configured to expedite PDC approval.

Calspan provides a full service solution to barrier testing, including the ability to:

  • Assist with test article shipping and logistics
  • Install barriers to customer specification
  • Provide recommendations for 3rd party installation
  • Offer flexible test schedules
  • Manage proprietary information
  • Issue test reports and certification letters shortly after each test

In addition to IWA testing, Calspan provides the ability to test on an international scale with PAS and IWA testing.

Read our blog to learn more about F3016 and how it can help to save lives and valuable property.  

storefront barrier testing
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