Crash Research, Investigations, Technical Support, Injury Analysis and Quality Control Services

Calspan has been in the business of supporting the U.S. government and other private organizations with unbiased crash investigations and research for over 45+ years, to support the research necessary to saving the lives of our fellow drivers, passengers and pedestrians on American roadways. Governmental statistical analysis for NHTSA sponsored studies such as the National Automotive Sampling System (NASS), the Crash Investigation Sampling System (CISS) and many other special studies rely on Calspan’s dedicated and seasoned staff to produce timely and accurate real-world crash research.


The Calspan team excels at all aspects of crash investigation.  Offering the ability to supervise and conduct data collection efforts, operperate a telephone and video technical support hotline, and provide nationwide technical guidance with real time solutions.  

Our technical experts can perform detailed analysis, including: 

  • Crash dynamics
  • Pre-crash causal factors
  • Driver behavior and performance
  • Crash reconstruction
  • Safety system assessment
  • Energy calculations and Delta-V evaluation
  • Event data recorder (EDR) 
  • Emerging technologies
  • Scene investigation and reconstruction

Calspan's injury analysis, coding, and causation team members are experts in their industry, and will provide the most thorough analysis.  The team can provide injury data assessment and application of injury mechanisms using:

  • Medical record analysis
  • Injury identification 
  • Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) coding schema 
  • International Classification of Disease (ICD) coding schema 
  • Visual Anatomic Injury Descriptor (VAID)
  • Occupant kinematics
  • Identification of injury mechanism and analysis 
  • Injury causation scenarios 
  • Contributing factor assessment (Includes: comorbidities, high Delta V, vehicle intrusion, seat belt Interaction, and more) 

The Calspan team is available to work on privately-funded and governmental projects, with support for:

  • Partnering with universities on automobile safety studies
  • Insurance and traffic safety foundations to analyze statistical data or provide on-site crash investigation services
  • Development and implementation of real world data collection studies or surveys 
  • Evaluation of safety systems including the effectiveness of active crash avoidance equipment in vehicles, child safety restraints, automotive components, vehicle or highway safety infrastructure, and intersection traffic flow. 

Calspan has participated in the following studies:

  • FMCSA Bus Crash Causation Study 
  • NHTSA’s Behavioral Research contract; Working to Increase DWI Conviction Rates study
  • Investigated over one hundred crashes in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for the; Partners for Child Passenger Safety Study (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm Ins. Co.)
  • Lead Investigator involved with a Rail Passenger Safety Stud, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Volpe and John Hopkins University 
  • Special Crash Investigations
  • Senior Crash Investigator for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) studies on Fire Fighter Fatality and Ambulance Safety
  • Specialized Investigator for the Head/Neck and Thoracic injury study with NHTSA and the Washington Hospital Center
  • Naturalistic Driving Study in the Strategic Highway Research Program II (SHRPII) conducted in the Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Honda Pre-Crash Studies for the development of crash avoidance technologies
  • Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS). FMCSA
  • NHTSA: 
    • National Automotive Sampling System (NASS)
    • Motorcycle Crash Causes and Outcomes Pilot Study
    • Run Off Road Studies
    • National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey (NMVCCS)
    • National Child Restraint Use Survey (NCRUS)
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring System Study (TPMS)
    • Crash Investigation Sampling System (CISS)


Calspan’s goal driven, results oriented culture provides:

  • Experienced field data collection staff
  • Extensive interviewing capabilities
  • On-time deliverables
  • Continuous product improvement 
  • Ability to implement cooperative agreements with local officials
  • Consistent adherence to mandated protocols
  • Meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Identification of issues to set safety standards

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