Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts


Sometimes, when automotive collisions occur, the only way to understand what happened is to conduct a reconstruction test. When these situations arise, industry investigators call on Calspan’s expertise to execute their test plans and receive unbiased data for their analyses.

Crash scenarios may include vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-barrier or vehicle-to-roadside device. We may use accelerometers, angular rate sensors, contact switches and instrumented crash dummies that may be placed either within or nearby the vehicle. Furthermore, we can use up to 21 high-speed cameras to document the event from within, outside and surrounding the vehicle.


Calspan has the required expertise, facilities and test equipment to execute quality tests. We will create custom reports and data formats to document the results.


Calspan customers that engage our expertise in the area of Reconstruction Tests receive innumerable benefits, including our ability to:

  • Accurately execute their test plans.
  • Provide unbiased data for their analyses.
  • Create a variety of scenarios to ensure thoroughness.
  • Create custom reports and data formats documenting results.