Ambulance & Cot Equipment Testing


In the event an ambulance is involved in a collision, standards were put in place to ensure the safety of the paramedics and patients from falling/sliding debris within the ambulance. Calspan conducts both crash testing of the ambulance as a whole as well as sled testing for ambulance equipment (equipment mounts, cabinet testing, compartments integrity, etc.).

At Calspan, we use a 12” HYGE impact simulator sled to simulate crash events. The 12-Inch HYGE system is designed to simulate the effects of a collision in an acceleration rather than deceleration mode. The standard 12-inch HYGE has 225,000 pounds (1 M newton) of thrust and a maximum payload of 5,000 lb. (2,268 kg). The HYGE’s design provides extremely repeatable and reproducible acceleration pulses, enabling accurate simulation and modeling of crash conditions in non-destructive fashion. A given pulse can be accurately produced on any 12-Inch HYGE system, enabling component suppliers and OEM manufactures to share testing programs and data interchangeably. The HYGE system has proven its repeatability/reliability over time. Systems over 40 years old routinely demonstrate repeatability of better than +/- 2%.



We are currently testing to the following SAE Standards:

SAE J2917 Frontal Impact
SAE J2956 Side Impact
SAE J3044 Rear Impact
SAE J3026 Occupant Seating
SAE J3059 Occupant Excursion
SAE J3027 Litter Std.
SAE J3043 Equipment Mounts
SAE J 3058 Cabinet Testing
SAE J3057 Compartment Integrity



Calspan has extensive experience in Sled Testing of Ambulance and Ambulance Equipment. In 2015, we began offering the NIOSH Program Testing to our already vast testing capabilities. We are known for our positive approach and flexible way of working with customers. New types of testing and new test measures can cause a large degree of discomfort with the unknown. At Calspan, we pride ourselves on being able to not only perform the testing but leave you with a positive feeling.