Any accessory that gets attached to the interior or exterior of a vehicle should be tested in a crash situation. Using Dynamic Sled Testing to put your product through a crash test impact provides non destructive, precise, and repeatable conditions. It is also a more cost effective solution to develop a product than crash testing as no vehicles need to be purchased, and multiple test runs can be accomplished in one day.

Vehicle accessories include:

  • Cell phone/GPS mounts
  • Roof rack systems
  • Roof mount cargo systems
  • Interior mirrors
  • Mounted cameras
  • Mounted antenna

Calspan’s highly experienced staff will work with you to help you run the right tests to get the data you need.


Get a better understanding on how your product reacts in a vehicle crash situation. Roof rack mounts, including baskets, cargo holders, bike mounts, ski and snowboard racks, and even autonomous vehicle sensor mounts should be tested to ISO 11154 standards. This widely accepted test standard puts a product through a simulated city crash.

Anything mounted to the top of a vehicle should be tested for crashworthiness.

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Any child accessory for a vehicle or child restraint such as mirrors, blankets, seat covers, headrests, and footrests should be tested to ensure safety in the event of a crash. Due-diligence testing before, during, and after manufacturing can help predict how a product may react in a vehicle crash situation.

Any accessory must be tested to comply with all possible configurations of an associated child restraint.

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There is no accessory too big or too small for us to test. We will work with you to develop an execute a test to meet your needs.

Past unique projects include:

  • Emergency Services Alert System
  • Autonomous Vehicle System Crashworthiness Testing
  • Unique Automotive Restraint Systems



Sled Testing is a non-destructive form of crash testing which allows you to see how your product may react in a vehicle crash situation. Tests can be run at various speeds and accelerations to help you develop the safest product on the market.