Calspan/Messring Partnership

Calspan and MESSRING have brought decades of crash test and equipment experience together to offer the North American market a complete solution for companies seeking to improve, expand, or build crash test facilities. MESSRING is the market leader for crash test facilities with 50 years of experience and more than 120 facilities worldwide, and Calspan has 40+ years of crash test research. This partnership offers a unique solution to vehicle manufacturers, independent test organizations, and automotive suppliers.

Facility Design & Upgrades

Let Calspan help you develop your new crash facility by assisting with:

  • Real estate identification and acquisition
  • Facility layout and design
  • Construction management

Crash Test Equipment

Calspan’s crash team can help you choose and acquire the MESSRING equipment that best suits your needs, including:

  • Propulsion system
  • MicroTrack & Film Pits
  • Servo hydraulic crash sled
  • LED lighting
  • Moveable crash block
  • Customized solutions

Training, and Calibration Services

Since 2018, Calspan has been a regional source for MESSRING services, providing expert support with:

  • Training employees on how to properly use the MESSRING crash test equipment
  • Calibrating MESSRING equipment