Tire Research & Testing Facility


Calspan’s Tire Performance Testing team provides tire research and testing services. The unique capabilities of the laboratory are used to help innovators measure and understand tire performance and characteristics for all types of tires, including those used on automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and aircraft; off-road; by the military; and in motorsports.

Using the world’s most powerful flat track tire testing machine, combined with more than 40 years of research and testing experience, Calspan’s talented engineers support tire and vehicle manufacturers worldwide with R&D projects and bringing new innovations to market. Measuring tires can be a challenging task, but, thanks to proven quality procedures, measurement quality and repeatability can be ensured, making subsequent analysis and modeling more precise and efficient.


The experienced Calspan Tire Performance Testing team helps customers in three major ways:

  • Ensuring the quality and accuracy of measurements
  • Determining how to best conduct a test and measure relevant aspects of tire performance
  • Making sure the testing is designed for the specific type of tire being tested

As a solution provider for innovators, we can:

  • Closely follow customer instructions on very detailed and complex test procedures
  • Help customers design test plans and assist with data analysis and tire modeling, which ensures our customers will be able to directly use their data in their development process
  • Store tires in a secure and climate-controlled environment with 24/7 security surveillance
  • Support customers with tire logistics such as shipping, customs clearance and tire recycling


Our team is here to help.  Get in touch with Calspan tire experts to see how we can help with your next test!