Tire Wear, Stiffness, and Durability


With over 40 years of experience, Calspan can help innovators with any advanced measurements and executing custom exploratory tests. Our research-grade data acquisition system can easily be configured with additional sensors. In close cooperation with sensor manufacturers, we can develop the measurement equipment needed to collect data to solve almost any problem, including tire wear and durability. Almost no measurement is too difficult or complex; we have a long history of developing custom test setups and procedures to produce the highest quality tire data.

Tire Advanced Graph


Measuring structural stiffness characteristics is done to validate FEA results and help parameterize advanced physical tire models. Using Calspan’s post-processing tools, important metrics such as spring rate and other tire non-linearities can be calculated and presented.


Using the full dynamic capabilities of Calspan’s tire testing machine makes it possible to measure tire wear characteristics in real-life conditions. We are able to perform highly repeatable tests to identify tire wear rates and wear characteristics.


Understanding the operational limits of a tire is essential in motorsports applications where tire durability is as important as outright performance. Thanks to the robust design of the Calspan’s tire testing machine, tires can safely be tested up to point of failure. Using bespoke technology, tests can often be stopped just moments before the failure to help tire designers identify its exact source.

Tire Advanced Testing


With the possibility of testing tires up to 55 degrees of inclination angle (camber angle), fully dynamic tire measurements of motorcycle tires can be carried out at Calspan. This unique measurement capability has made us the perfect partner for innovators looking to measure and understand the behavior of cruising, touring, performance, and motorsports motorcycle tires. Using a dedicated balance to measure force and moments, high quality data can be recorded even at the lower loads experienced by a motorcycle tire.

Tire Advanced Motocycles


Advanced Measurements

  • Measure complex tire behaviors through integration of additional research-grade sensors to the tire measurements.
  • Integrate additional measurements to the main data acquisition or sync measurements to third-party data acquisition.
  • Use slip-rings or wireless data transfer to perform on-wheel or in-tire measurements such as temperature or strain.
  • Test and evaluate intelligent tire technology performance and durability in a controlled and repeatable environment.
  • Perform three-dimensional deflection measurements in dynamic conditions to validate tire FEA or enhance full vehicle CFD results.

Stiffness Measurement

  • Measure static and dynamic stiffness to characterize structural tire properties.
  • Quickly measure parking steering torque at different loads and pressures.
  • Measure stiffness properties at different speeds to identify effective rolling radius and loaded radius behavior.
  • Evaluate tire enveloping properties and stiffness behaviors using cleats and different surface materials.

Wear Characterization

  • Replicate realistic vehicle maneuvers including brake/drive in a controlled environment to capture high resolution tire wear data.
  • Measure tread wear effects on F&M characteristics and collect data for tire wear modeling from a single test.

Durability & Endurance Testing

  • Safely evaluate tire designs’ durability in realistic conditions on a flat belt with full brake and drive capabilities.

Motorcycle Tire Testing

  • Test at inclination angles up to 55 degrees to capture motorcycle tire behavior at higher lean angles.
  • Evaluate and measure the effects of tire geometry and variable compound tires at different camber angles.
  • Evaluate car tire behavior at high camber angles to simulate vehicle roll-over conditions.



Calspan customers who engage our expertise in the areas of Advanced Measurements, Stiffness Measurement, Wear Characterization, or Durability & Endurance Testing receive innumerable benefits, including:

  • Collecting detailed tread wear measurements to support tread pattern development.
  • Stopping tests moments before tire failure to support forensic analysis and understand failure behavior and causes by using Calspan’s unique technology.
  • Managing risks of new tire development by using high-fidelity in-lab testing before testing a new design on vehicles.
  • Enjoying easy travel to our facility and amenities like dedicated workstations in direct proximity to test operators.
  • Taking advantage of our team’s expertise, professionalism and flexibility.