Aircraft Tire Testing

The high load capabilities of Calspan’s tire testing equipment makes it well suited for testing truck tires and aircraft tires. Aircraft tire testing is a cost-effective way to ensure tires meet specifications and it leads to increased understanding and reduced risks for on-aircraft testing. Calspan is able to perform high speed and low speed tests, during which aircraft tires’ general performance characteristics can efficiently be measured thanks to the extensive machine capabilities.


Aircraft Tire Testing

  • Test light and medium aircraft tires at and beyond their full load capabilities; capture complete force and moment data at loads up to 12,000 lbf (53 kN).
  • Quickly apply high braking torques (14,000 lb-ft, 20,000 Nm) to evaluate pure and combined braking performance and effect of chassis control systems.


Continuously control and test at inflation pressures up to 350 psi/2,400 kPa.

Measure both static and dynamic structural stiffness during the same test.

Investigate thermal properties such as bulk heating and heat dissipation using Calspan’s thermal testing technology.

Perform dynamic tire tests replicating real life events such as taxi, cross-wind landing and rejected takeoff.

Safely and efficiently investigate flat-spot decay, wear rates and durability properties.

Correlate tire FEA results at realistic conditions with precise measurements, using advanced measurements to measure internal strains and capture three-dimensional deflection measurements.