Premier Indoor Tire Test Facility


Calspan’s Force & Moment Testing is performed onsite at our test facility, which is the most premier indoor tire test facility of its kind in the world. It is here that our staff works to deliver unparalleled value to the innovators that rely on our expertise. The facility’s unique combination of speed and torque enables cutting-edge research and robust data quality. Our experienced tire test team helps customers select load, velocity, slip angle, inclination angle, slip ratio, and other test conditions to maximize the effectiveness of their test programs.

Force & Moment data provides detailed insight into how the tire interacts with the road surface and how the resulting forces and moments influence tire and vehicle performance attributes such as braking and cornering.

Our continuous flat belt machine – capable of delivering road speeds in excess of 200 MPH (320km/h) and tire loads up to 12,000 pounds (53kN) – can accommodate large test articles and is well suited to truck tires, racing tires, small aircraft tires, and more.



Calspan’s more than 40 years of tire testing experience translates into superior data quality and repeatability. The value of receiving independent third-party performance analysis results from our experienced tire engineers and using the world’s most powerful and capable flat track tire test machine cannot be understated.

  • Measure dynamic force and moment characteristics of a tire to predict how its performance will affect vehicle behavior.
  • Control vertical load, slip angle, inclination angle, slip ratio, inflation pressure and speed to understand how a tire responds to different inputs.
  • Measure tire force and moments at loads up to 12,000 lbf (53 kN) and speeds in excess of 200 mph (320 km/h).
  • Perform high torque (braking and driving) with high precision thanks to high power electric drives.

Tire Force Gallery2


Tire Performance Evaluation involves using one of Calspan’s many test modes to accurately capture a specific tire performance characteristic. Our experienced engineers assist in developing custom tire test programs to collect the relevant data. Whether it is about classifying different properties or associating results with vehicle ride and handling attributes, specific tests and measurements are carried out to support innovators.

Our customers have, over many years, validated the results from our laboratory in their on-vehicle tire testing, and they all say the same thing: a tire that performs well at Calspan, performs well on the vehicle. Knowing this, many design iterations and days on test tracks can be saved, leading to shorter development times and a better end product. There is a reason our customers keep coming back, as using Calspan to measure and understand tire performance is a shortcut to success.



  • Measure any aspect of a tire’s performance using a wide variety of test modes and measurements.
  • Understand tire handling qualities and how they apply to vehicle characteristics.

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As an independent third-party lab, Calspan is the perfect partner to perform Tire Benchmarking tests. Our repeatable high quality data makes it easy to detect and correlate differences between tires.

When customers seek to understand a competing product’s performance or evaluate different suppliers, Calspan’s unique testing capabilities ensure all tire performance properties are accurately captured. In addition to dynamic tire testing, we can also support innovators with additional measurements such as foot prints and tire profile measurements.



  • Measure and understand tire performance of different suppliers and manufacturers by collecting all data on the same test equipment.
  • Evaluate the effect of manufacturing variability in fully dynamic tire tests.
  • Perform tire design-of-experiments to isolate key factors in construction and materials to reach targets on time and cost.



Calspan customers that engage our expertise in the areas of Tire Force & Moment Testing, Tire Performance Evaluation and Tire Benchmarking receive innumerable benefits, including:

  • Knowing that much of the fundamental tire mechanics research has been carried out using Calspan data.
  • Accelerating tire and vehicle development by leveraging high-quality tire test data in data-driven engineering decisions.
  • Getting our help with data analysis and modeling to make sense of it and gain an expert second opinion.
  • Enjoying easy travel to our facility and amenities like dedicated workstations in direct proximity to test operators and test engineers.
  • Taking advantage of our team’s expertise, professionalism and flexibility.
  • Choosing from a variety of test capabilities, including high speed and high torque.


Whether your next project is big and complex or small and simple, leverage Calspan's unique assets to get the best data available.  Get in touch with our team of experts today!