Staying Safe on the Road: Tips to maximize safety when using child restraint systems

Staying Safe on the Road: Tips to maximize safety when using child restraint systems

April is #NationalCarCareMonth! Preventative maintenance increases the longevity of your car AND allows for the features on your vehicle designed to keep you safe to continue to work properly.

Calspan is a world leader in automotive safety research, helping to make the roads a safer place, providing dynamic test services to manufacturers to ensure their products meet the highest safety and performance standards before going to market.

Calspan’s ground transportation test services include automotive crash testing in an indoor or outdoor track setting, vehicle crash simulation with a HYGE sled for various components in a vehicle, like child restraint systems, and tire performance testing on the world’s largest indoor flat track.

Calspan’s sled test operations team would like to use #NationalCarCareMonth to remind you how to protect young passengers.

It’s all in the connection – Any child restraint systems in a vehicle, must be installed correctly to ensure it works properly. It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions (both of the vehicle and the car seat) and properly tighten and connect the seat to your vehicle. First time parent? Visit a checkpoint to have someone certified to check that your seat is properly installed. Find a checkpoint near you.

Get the right fit – As your child grows, be sure to use the proper seat for their height and weight. Often, seats will have very specific instructions for how to use the seat as your child continues to develop and grow. Failing to properly follow instructions will not guarantee desired safety results in an a crash .
Stay in the know – Take note of any standing or new recalls on products. While these instances are few and far between, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Most manufacturers offer car seat registration programs that allow for the ability to quickly notify owners of any recalls. Register your seat. You can also do a quick check to verify your seat isn’t on the recall list by clicking here.

Child Restraint Systems – (i.e., car seats), are seats designed specifically to protect children from injury or death during collisions. There are several different types in the market from infant to convertible to booster seats. Each specifically designed for children of different weights and ages. Calspan has the expertise and equipment to execute the tests required to demonstrate these products’ are compliance with government safety standards. Testing Child Restraints at Calspan is done on our HYGE Sled system, which is designed to simulate the effects of crash conditions in non-destructive fashion.

To learn more about Child Restraint System testing at Calspan, click here.

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