Calspan Continues to Invest in World-Class Tire Research Facility

Calspan Continues to Invest in World-Class Tire Research Facility

Calspan has always maintained a strong dedication to working closely with our customers to help determine their current and future needs. Building these relationships allows us to implement improvements in order to provide the best possible results and experience. Calspan’s Tire Research Facility has recently invested in a new motion controller and high pressure compressor to better serve our customers.

Motion Controller

  • Calspan’s new motion controller further improves the speed, accuracy, and repeatability of tire positioning. This investment opens the door for even more creative and complex testing procedures while making existing procedures even more precise and repeatable. These new capabilities allow our customers to get the best possible data from their tire testing.

High-Pressure Compressor

  • Calspan has broken ground on a significant upgrade to our high-pressure compressor system. One unique feature of Calspan’s tire test machine is that it uses an air bearing to support the vertical load the tire places on the roadway belt. With this upgrade, Calspan can continue to support the most demanding tests, while adding redundancy for the most up-time and on-time tire testing.

In addition to all of these new capabilities, Calspan’s new footprint measurement method has been extremely well-received by customers since its introduction at this year’s Tire Technology Expo.

We are excited to share more information about these investments and the benefits they deliver to our customers. Contact us if you would like to learn more about these new investments and how they are used to improve tire testing results.

Calspan’s World-Class Tire Research Facility – Buffalo, NY

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