Calspan to Invest Millions in its Transonic Wind Tunnel

Calspan to Invest Millions in its Transonic Wind Tunnel

Plan Supports Expanding Market Needs

Buffalo, N.Y. – January 6, 2020

Calspan has announced a plan to invest over $6 million into its Transonic Wind Tunnel. As the only independently owned and privately held transonic wind tunnel in North America, the planned capital investments reinforce Calspan’s commitment to meeting evolving market demands and expanding customer requirements. The investments also ensure the long-term growth of its internationally recognized testing campus in Buffalo, NY, whose legacy dates back to the 1940s and the early days of Curtiss Wright Aircraft Company and the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory.

The investments include Captive Trajectory System (CTS) testing capabilities, compressors, air storage, cooling towers, and balances. These investments will improve the overall efficiency, reliability, and repeatability of the tunnel to enhance the customer experience. “Calspan remains committed to delivering high-quality data that exceeds customer expectations,” said John Yurtchuk, Chairman of Calspan.

The Captive Trajectory System (CTS) design includes new software and controllers using Jacobs Engineering “Test SLATE” measurement software that allows for customizable constrained launches and autopilots, increased automation, and exceptional repeatability.

“These investments to this unique asset reinforce our commitment to our customers and will position Calspan as a leader in the aerospace development and testing space for decades to come,” said Lou Knotts, Calspan CEO.

In addition, Calspan is investing in a dedicated CTS integration lab, allowing for customer set up and ground testing while other tests are running in the wind tunnel. Anticipated completion date for the investments is the end of 2020.


About Calspan
For more than 75 years, Calspan has been providing research and testing services in the aviation and transportation industries. Internationally recognized for safety research and innovation, the company’s headquarters is located in Buffalo, NY, housing a variety of research and testing facilities, including a transonic wind tunnel, ground vehicle crash testing, dynamic sled testing and research, and tire research and performance testing. Calspan conducts flight-testing, flight training, and aircraft modifications in Niagara Falls, NY where they own a fleet of seven airborne testbeds. Calspan also has prototype test device manufacturing capabilities in Newport News, Virginia, as well as force measurement equipment manufacturing capabilities in San Diego, California.

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