Upgrades Coming to the World’s Most Capable Tire Testing Machine

Upgrades Coming to the World’s Most Capable Tire Testing Machine

In a continued effort to meet the expectations of customers from around the world, Calspan is investing in a new steering infrastructure for its flat-track tire testing machine. Calspan’s tire testing machine is already the world’s most capable, with higher load capacity, higher possible speeds, and better data acquisition capabilities. As automotive technologies continue to evolve, the need for upgrades and enhancements on the equipment used to test these technologies needs to evolve with it.


Tire Testing for Performance

Calspan’s upgrades will provide the ability for new types of testing


What does this steering system change do?

The steering system on the tire testing machine, sometimes also referred to as the slip angle drive is used to position the tire in various cornering situations allowing for detailed measurements of the tires handling capabilities. The upgrade will improve the system’s ability to rapidly and accurately position the tire, which helps with test efficiency and data accuracy.

What does this upgrade mean for customers?

With this upgrade, customers will be able to study nonlinear transient tire behaviors in greater detail, as well as being able to reproduce actual vehicle handling maneuvers from the track or proving ground on the tire test machine. These types of tests help bridge the gap between simulation and testing and accelerates the correlation and validation process.


motorsports tire testing

A new slip angle drive means higher performance and better data


Higher fidelity data and an improved ability to mimic real-world conditions at a faster rate will directly correlate into better value for customers. Better data will be gathered at greatly improved speeds, creating new testing possibilities under a wider variety of conditions.

Calspan will continue to invest in the future of testing technologies, and the upgrades being applied to its tire testing machine are no exception. Additional upgrades will be brought online in 2018, including further improvements to controls and drive systems which will further enhance the capabilities offered by Calspan.

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