Webinar Series

Webinar Series

We’re rolling out a series of live webinars to help you stay connected during this uncertain time.  Whether you are looking to increase your knowledge or understand Calspan’s capabilities and how you can utilize our resources for your next program, we’re here to help.  Keep an eye out for upcoming webinar sessions and check back to download the recorded version.

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Download Past Webinar Recordings:

Topic: Tire Models and Measurements for Driver-In-the-Loop Simulators
Panelist: Mateo Gladstone, Director, R&D
Download Recording: Click here


Topic: Analyzing Thermal Effects on Tire Performance
Panelist: Henning Olsson, Senior Director, Technology
Download Recording: Click here


Topic: Perimeter Protection
Panelist: Jonathon Gondek, Barrier Expert
Download Recording: Click here


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